DDR Pad Part 3

Now that I have the triggers all figured out, it’s time to start finishing this up! All the wired leads were soldered onto the metal sheets with rosin core, which seems to bond the wire well. As you can see here the bottom arrow is all set, minus an arrow graphic.
The plates were still a little loose, and I recall checking on a few of the pad pages that there was a corner piece that needs to be put on to help support. A little dab of wood glue, and my corner pieces were on. One for each corner of each arrow.
Here’s the finished arrow triggers.
For the arrow graphics, I simply cut out the arrows off the soft pad I had gutted. It was all going to be trashed anyways, so what the heck?
Below is the finished product, ready to be wired in.
Now I don’t have many pics of how it is all wired, but I will explain how it all happened in the next post..


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