Ham Radio

Recently I’ve re-kindled my interest with amateur (ham) radio. I’ve had a fascination for about 15 years, but never did anything about it. Originally, I wanted to get my license so I could fight robots on the 50mhz band allocated for remote control use.. seems trivial now in present day!

Check out the sub-menu to expand on projects I have documented so far.

I’m currently exploring several facets of Amateur radio:

  • Digital Modes and Low Power Communications (APRS, FT8, PSK31, CW)
  • DMR Radio and Hotspots
  • Software Defined Radio (Viewing spectrum, Aircraft Radar, Weather Satellite Imagery, APRS I-Gate)

Eventually when I am able to, my future goals are to:

  • Send photos and texts/emails through WinLink service.
  • Make contact via amateur radio satellites.
  • Have a repository for aircraft radar, weather imagery, and external site to listen in on frequencies (ala WebSDR or OpenWebRX)

My recent HF activity can be found here: PSKReporter – N8EUL

Below are my latest contacts that have been logged to QRZ and/or Logbook of the World: