Where this site takes you

I have several different facets of experiences; some that I’ve curated, and some that are currently works in progress.


This was the start of my sobriety and the fuel to kickstart my weight loss. I dropped from 245lbs to 165lbs in six months (a tad unhealthy?). I rebuilt from the ground up, putting back muscle on and kept off the fat. Years later, I have run countless races, including two marathons, three 50Ks, and two 50 milers.  I love my local running club, and I love getting out and exploring.

Combat Robots

A high school senior project based off of inspiration from Battlebots that grew to epic proportions. I got to travel the country, meet awesome people, and learn my foundation for engineering and DC electrical systems. I stopped fighting in 2009, but I kept up by helping run/announce/judge the region’s big events. So much has changed in the time off, but I have recently re-found my spark for fighting. I plan to make a comeback this year (funds willing, weddings are not cheap).

Ham Radio

This section covers projects that require visual detail, plus my stats on HF contacts, and hosts links to my broadcasted services. I have more documentation over on my Wiki. I have a longer bio on that portion of the site.

Misc Projects

I love to hack things. Plain and simple. I feel my biggest reach into this area was discovering “mod chips” for the Playstation console growing up. That revelation opened up the doors to exploring what others have done with consumer devices and machines.