DDR Pad Part 2

After the stainless was cut down to size with tin snips, I clamped the wood and steel together and then bent down the steel with a rubber mallet. Before I bent the pieces, I had tacked the metal down to the wood with screws.
The finished pieces. The stainless I bought from the junkyard was PERFECT!
The rest of the pieces are now cut, and it’s on to the polycarb pieces. Since everything was not perfectly aligned, I had to cut each arrow’s panels slightly different to get them to the right size.
My first attempt at getting the trigger system down seem to not work out so well. The concept was right but the screw heads were in the way. Even with low profile heads it wasn’t working. 4 ground tabs, 4 circuit tabs, one sheet on top to short them.
After much deliberation, I came up with a better way of doing the triggers. Take some galvanized steel and wirebrush it. I attached the steel to the base with servo tape and duct tape. The top received similar treatment. This allowed me to have a decent amount of clearance (around 3/16″) to step down onto.


Jon is a recreational runner of many, many distances, a music lover at heart, seasoned veteran of combat robot fighting, and a frugal (stingy) shopper of everything. He's a proud husband, and clean and sober since 2012.

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