Absolutely Naut-VDD Ver. 3


  • Drive: 60:1 Copal gearmotors with Dave’s Hubs
  • Drive ESCs: Banebots 3-9
  • Battery: Maxamps 11.1v LiPo
  • Receiver: Microbotparts 4 Channel.. Remember those?
  • Weapon Motor: Esskay Brushless Motor geared 2:1?
  • Weapon ESC: Castle Creations budget brushless.. forget the proper name!
  • Weapon Disk (can’t recall the batch of disks this came from..)
  • Notables: Carbon Fiber Rod frame, kevlar string and CA glue secured, with titanium armor and structure points shoo-gooed.



Jon is a recreational runner of many, many distances, a music lover at heart, seasoned veteran of combat robot fighting, and a frugal (stingy) shopper of everything. He's a proud husband, and clean and sober since 2012.

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